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How to kill time as you prioritize your time

Sep 13 2021

Lots of things on my plate right now. So I figured I’d go on the hunt again for a good todo/productivity web app. I’d love to just use the awesome omnioutliner, but living on two laptops one mac the other pc makes this rather impossible.

There are a lot of solutions, most using some form of the GTD approach. Many of them are overcomplicated or nonintuitive (like most of the tiddlywiki based solutions). Call me silly, but I think entering items into your to do list should take less effort than the task itself. I’m not going to review all the ones I tried out cause it’s a waste of time. If you want you can do your own research by reviewing all my productivity tagged links or you can review Lifehacker’s excellent list.

The one I finally settled on is Todoist because it’s clean and simple with nested todo hierarchy functionality, and it makes good use of keyboard shortcuts. I’d say more about it but that would be hypocritical since I’m talking about efficient use of time.

Speaking of clean and simple but in a dumb way, today I joined up on Twitter as Catcubed. It’s like nano-bloging/IMing about nothing but you’re saying it to no one and everyone at the same time. If you combine it with IMified your setup to easily shout out your boring life to the world in two seconds flat. And for you wordpress geeks there are a couple good plugins (twitter tools, twitter updater).

As a voyour, Twitter is the shortest way to waste the most amount of time in the world‚Äîespecially if you stare dumbly at the twitter/googlemaps mashup twittervision. Check it out! You to can read that pdimeglio“Skipeed class today, feeling better. Now watching daily show” or that fast640kdsl is “Going to bed.” Worldwide blipverts from peoples boring lives in realtime!

p.s. Twitter’s servers are getting smacked hard at the moment due to it’s popularity, so their page loads may be a bit slow.

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