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A Tweed Primer

Sep 13 2021

[![Snappy Tweed Lass by Roxy Dammit](/uploads/2009/02/snappylass.jpg "Snappy Tweed Lass")](
Snappy Tweed Lass by Roxy Dammit
Many a cyclist has said to me “*but I don’t have any tweed.*” Fortunately for those facing this debacle the Bay Area is ripe with solutions for the upcoming **[SF Tweed Ride](**!

I suggest initially perusing the numerous thrift stores in the Mission: Community Thrift and Thrift Town both have several varieties of tweed wear. Once you have scavenged the racks of these and other thrift stores, I recommend adding the finishing touches at vintage establishments such as Mission Thrift or any of the number of dashingvintageshops on the Haight.

What is tweed you may ask?

Tweed is the rough unfinished wool you found in classic informal outdoor jackets. Tweed can be designed plain or patterned in check, herringbone, plaid, or other styles. Moisture resistant and durable, it is perfect for cycling in all kinds of weather! Of course any wool jacket can look just as dashing as tweed, but it won’t keep you as warm.

Of course, Tweed-style is not only about tweed. A proper cyclist looks good from head to toe: from the dashing wool cap, to the silk scarf, ascot, or bow tie accenting the neck, to the snappy knickers or skirts, and or course the argyle socks! For socks I highly recommend the online shop Sock Dreams. For inspiration, I suggest perusing photos from the lovely London Tweed Run.

Oh I almost forgot to mention your motivation! We will be having a Tweed Ride Contest! Several contests to be exact! With brilliant prizes!

SF Tweed Ride Contest!

  • Most Dapper Chap
  • Most Snappy Lass
  • Most Stylish Vintage Steed
  • Most Inspired Interpretation of Tweediness
  • Best Mustache ‚Äî open to both lads and inventive lasses
  • As Feb 12th is also Darwin’s Birthday, we may have a special prize for any Darwin look-a-likes that show up!

Numerous smashing prizes!

Elkhide Sewn-on Bar Covers You could win an adorable baguette saddlebag, luscious elkhide handlebar covers, and more bicycle accessories donated to us by the fabulous Velo-Orange, purveyors of fine parts and stylish accessories for randonneurs and cyclo-tourists; and in cooperation with Manifesto Bicycle, selling quality new and rebuilt cycles to the fine citizens of Oakland!

We have several dashing cycling caps which we are honored to have donated to us by The Freewheel Bike Shop, a San Francisco bicycle institution the Hayes St. shop was established in 1978 and the Valencia St shop was opened in 1997.

Blue Argyle Deep V RimsAlso donated by Freewheel Bike Shop, we have an amazing pair Blue Argyle Deep V Rims that have to be seen to be believed!

And we have a couple more bicycle surprises on the way from Refried Cycles! Refried offer some of the best rebuilt bicycles in town along with honest quality service and accessories.

Prof. NifNaks Patented Prosthetic MoustachiosFor the follicularly challenged, Prof. NifNaks has kindly donated one of her patented Prosthetic Moustachios!

So come to the SF Tweed ride in your best tweed! Win prizes! Carouse with the a dashing crowd of fellow Tweed Riders! And enjoy a fine ride through this lovely town of San Francisco!

Thursday Tweed Ride!

February 12th
6:30 pm — Start at Dolores Park (at the 19th St. Bell)
7:00 pm — meetup with East Bay Tweed at the 16th St. Mission BART*
Ends at Tosca Cafe.

*NOTE: The first BART train that allows bikes into the city arrives at 16th St. at 6:45pm. For more schedule info visit

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