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All quiet on the catcubed front

Sep 13 2021

Been a bit crazy in my world lately, and I haven’t had much of chance to update this blog in a while. Actually have started on a few posts, but haven’t had time to finish them. They are just sitting there in my drafts staring at me.

So what have I been up to you ask?

  • Normal work has been keeping me busy
  • I had one week of a bad chest cold (the same one everyone else got)
  • I’ve been working on new logo designs for interpretive arson
  • I’m working on a new event (more on this later)
  • I’ve been poring lots of time into helping Nifer with (check out her new datawormz flashdrives they’re awesome!)
  • And I’ve been trying to work in some social life in order to keep myself sane (went to the Maze Party in Half Moon Bay which was a whole lot of fun)

I miss my blog writing so I hope to squeeze in a bit more time for this soon.

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