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Back in business thanks to geniuses!

Sep 13 2021

I got my laptop back on Wednesday. New hardrive, superdrive, and lcd screen all for the low low price of $0 thanks to the extended protection plan. Loaded it up to the tiger welcome screen. I would have mistaken it for a new machine if it wasn’t for all the scratches on the frame—things in my life tend to take a beating. If a well loved book shows its love through it’s broken spine, bent corners, and stained pages, then my laptop is well loved.

Now that I have my personal machine back, there’s a couple larger posts burning to get out of my brain. However they may have to wait considering that I have a test in my Cognitive Development class on monday, and I have to prepare for the NACHRI conference that I’m presenting at next week, and there’s also Saturday’sDustfish Massive party that can’t be missed.

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