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Balsa Man – photos & video

Sep 13 2021

More pictures and video are starting to surface on the internet from Balsa Man 2008. I’ve created a Balsa Man 2008 Flickr group to collect all the best shots from the event

Links to Photos & Video (this list will be continuously updated as I receive links):

If you have more photos or video to share please add a comment below with links and I will add it to this list. If you are a Flickr member please tag your photos “BalsaMan2008” and add your favorites to the Balsa Man Flickr Group pool.

p.s. Also check out EdRabbit’s own blog post wrap up of the event on Geeked Info.

Video of the glorious burn:

Note, yes I failed to raise the arms. Torch in hand, I was too eager to light it. Well the majesty of the burn made up for it and at least now I have at least one way it will be better next year. How else will The Balsa Man be better next year?

  • We have a theme for 2009 “Big Dreams Writ Small” — build a small maquette of the huge art project you always dreamed of building.
  • We’ll have more time set aside for viewing the fabulous art.
  • I’ll be conducting more burn tests, so it can burn even more grand! This burn was pretty amazing but we can make it better.
  • I’ll be designing a more impressive platform for next year’s Balsa man that relates to the theme.
  • Oh and I’m thinking lasers, cause lasers make everything better.
  • And of course the Balsa Man will improve most due to the creativity and spirit of the Balsa Man community!

See you all next year — keep the tiny Balsa Man community spirit alive!

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