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Balsa Man – placement & burn schedule

Sep 13 2021

I’ve scouted out the Balsa Man location and it’s looks fabulous!


We will be on the far north end of Baker Beach were it ends at the rocky cliff (see map). It’s a beautiful and inspiring location! If the winds are too strong, we will fall back to Plan B which is a small cove north on the same beach over some some rocks (see map).

Access & Parking

The fastest access point to Balsa Man — and the most interesting trail — is the Sand Ladder, there is no parking at the top of the Sand Ladder, but you can park on nearby Pershing Drive. It is also possible to walk along the beach from the main parking lot off of Bowley (this lot may close at 10pm — check signs).

[View Larger Map](,-122.481618&spn=0.00125,0.002339&t=h&msid=111678449308418232115.000455a6ee4e2c4800b3d&source=embed)

Mini-Art & Burn Schedule

All the amazing mini-art will be on display from 7:30 till it’s time to burn so get there early to see it all! The Balsa Man will burn when night has fallen (around 8:30-845pm-ish), then the Temple of Reduced Expectations and all mini-art will burn!

Once it’s all burnt, we welcome everyone to hang around and brainstorm about what you will bring to next year’s Balsa Man!

We also ask your help for picking up moop. Remember, it’s a new moon so bring a flashlights for getting back to your car!

Official Unofficial Balsa Man After Party!

Awesome news! The Space Cowboys are throwing the Official Unofficial After Party for Balsa Man over at Ocean Beach (near Great Hwy & Lincoln Way) — they are even burning their own man called Spurning Man at 10pm! Note, the Ocean Beach parking lots close at 10pm.

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