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Sep 13 2021

Zombie and his zombie puppet shambles forward in search of braaaainnnnnssss! Last week I logged into my blog admin to see links coming in from a site I hadn’t seen before. It seems that some random blog***** was using the Zombie Hand Puppet picture from my blog as their Picture of The Day.

I’d be flattered except the blogger:

  • was displaying the image without uploading it to their own server (thus usurping my bandwidth)
  • didn’t bother to credit my site, myself or the photographer
  • didn’t even have a link back to my main site (just a direct link to the jpg)
  • was too lazy to send me a note asking permission (come-on! I have a easy to use contact form)

I went to the site itself and left a comment noting that he should have asked permission, but he could keep the image up as long as he added a caption crediting myself, my site, and the photographer.

So instead of doing this he decided to remove the image and my comments without any email or any form of apology. Which frankly is fine by me — I don’t need traffic from his blog. The is blog itself is just a random collection of mostly rather lame stolen web images. Frankly the quality of my zombie picture took his blog up a notch.

* I’m not going to link to his blog as I don’t want to give it any traffic. However, I will link to his photobucket account, where if you want to bother you can see his collection of random stolen images. It should give you an idea of the insipid “content” of his blog.

p.s. if any one else out there in the interweb wants to use my content or images, just ask. I’m usually more then happy to share most of it, but a bit of courtesy is nice.

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