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Bon Voyage, Shipyard

Sep 13 2021

Random art at The ShipyardLaughing Squid is reporting that The Shipyard is closing up shop due to uncompromising Berkeley bureaucracy.

Supposedly, the stacked shipping containers are not structurally sound enough for Berkeley. Jim Mason, the owner of the facility, has received a ‚Äúvacate and abate‚Äù notice unless he can prove, in three days, the “shipping containers as a new rated assembly for habitable buildings.”

It’ll be sad to see it go. It had been the home for several fabulous events and art projects including: How To Destroy The Universe Festival (2004 & 2005), The Clock Works (2005), Neverwas Haul (2006).

Jim Mason has stated that he is looking to move everything to Oakland. Hopefully, the new home bring less bureaucratic headaches.

More info at: Laughing Squid and O’Reilly Radar Blog

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