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Brains! Balloons! Drum&Bass!

Sep 13 2021

Critical Zombie Mass Friday’s Zombie Mob was a rousing success! I went down to Justin Herman and road for a bit with Critical Mass then met up with the zombie horde. I tried to stop them with my bicycle, but I was overpowered by the terrifyingly ugly Rubin zombie.

I had hoped that my bicycle helmet would protect me from their ferocious appetite for my cortex; however, as you can see from the photo they got past it’s defenses. My zombie alter-ego didn’t want to leave his bicycle but he had seemly lost all coordination and could only fall over the handlebars and walk it along.

The highlight of the day would have to be when one of the zombie horde sat down at the dianetics booth, stress meter in hand, screaming “Brains! Brains!” And in the background other zombies screaming “brainwash!” Oh and there was the one sorta freaked out teenager with the balloons that I shambled after yelling “Baaalloooooooon!”

After running home and washing the blood off, I went to the Amon Tobin concert, which was amazing. As I texted to my friend after the show:

Pure relentless funky evil has been driven into my skull and has infected me with an alien virus.

That pretty much sums up the absolutely incredible show.

p.s. CNET blogged about the zombie mob

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