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Sep 13 2021

CatCubed, and by this I mean me, is officially endorsing Obama. I have a bunch of reasons for this, but really Andrew Sullivan says it better and more succulently than I can: Don‚Äôt screw up, Democrats, Barack Obama is your man. Yes Andrew Sullivan of all people. Like Hitchens and other pro-war libertarians, I sooooo don’t agree with him on a lot of issues, but he’s an excellent writer. And the article I links to is really good.

Barack Obama 2008.

Typically, I have a vote salon to go over the confusing CA and SF props with friends prior to the election — every year I learn to hate these props more and more. However, there are happily not that many of them this year, so it’s not as necessary. In any case, I’ve released my own endorsements for the props behind the cut, so if you’re interested click read more.

SF Props

A – Yes (parks are good things)
B – Yes (Cost neutral. Allows police officers to work full-time past their 50th for 3 more years. )
C – No (This proposes placing a half‚Äìgolf ball‚Äìlike Global Peace Center atop Alcatraz… WTF? Go away! How the hell did this get on the ballot?)

CA Props

91 – No (I’m against locking down gas tax funds to only road improvement — where’s my light rail at! However that doesn’t matter since prop 1A passed last year does the same thing. Even the people who put forth prop 91 say not to vote on it anymore since 1A pased. Why it wasn’t removed from the ballot I don’t know.)
92 – Yes (I’m always for education. This prop is problematic as it increases the budget without any new funding source, but from my vantage point it’s the only way to send the message to Arnold that education is more important than his desire to keep taxes low yet cut edu/healthcare).
93 – Yes (still keeps term limits but removes the serve half time here and half there musical chairs term limits that we currently have. Our current situation forces too quick of a turnover which puts more power in the hands of lobbyists and the governer)
94–97 – NO (voting no basically stops what is a sweetheart deal to the 4 big CA tribes; allowing them to grow more than the other tribes, with a taxation which is meager in comparison to most casino taxes, and little oversite. Also these same 4 are notorious for refusing to allow their workers to unionize, which is why the unions are all against this bill.)


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