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Come’on Boy Speak!

Sep 13 2021

Friday’s presentation on “Servicing Patients Online” was as success! Several people came up to us afterwards to say that it was a great presentation and that they got a lot out of it. We had an audience of about 25-30—not huge but respectable for the moderate size of the conference.

I made a few additional changes to the format after seeing Thursday’s sessions and I was really happy how it was organized. As speakers I think both Jody and I did a good job, though it’s always hard to tell that kind of thing as a speaker yourself. My words were good, and I think I was mostly in control of my body language. Though I did wander a bit to far from the mike a couple times since I’m not used to that podium and mike thing.

I’ve given short speeches before but this was my first big hour long presentation. It was an interesting experience, and I learned a lot from it. Actually I got a lot more out of the conference then I thought I would. Ended up meeting a lot of people—do’n that networking thang—and I came away with some interesting ideas for our web presence from the sessions I attended, which I’ll chronicle in a separate post.

I’ll be uploading the presentation and all materials to our website on Monday morning, so If you are interested check this blog on Monday and I’ll post the link.

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