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Facebook, you’re dead to me

Sep 13 2021

During my blog hiatus, I was ruminating on a potential post about what I don’t like about Facebook. Now I don’t really need to as Fake Steve Jobs summed it up perfectly: The problem with Facebook.

Facebook seems to have missed their window of opportunity. They were on the verge of expanding beyond their main college demographic, the API was released to a bunch of bloghead fanfare, they were one of the first to create an excellent iphone version, and then came the tidal wave of crap werewolf-zombie-pirate attacks and superdumbwalls. They failed to create or encourage any form of usefulness in their product.

Frankly, I also find their site design is clean but really boring looking — kinda the opposite of myspace, busy and annoying but exciting in a way.

I’ll probably keep my account on the site — hell I still have an account on friendster, I think.

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