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Handful of Burners Sign Useless Petition… BMOrg Trembles In Fear!

Sep 13 2021

Nothing says useless web petition more than a website that allows any idiot to create a useless web petition.

And that is exactly what the Allow Burning Man Participants To Vote For Theme petition is. It’s a petition created by some random person who goes by the name burner on a lame auto-generating petition site called, wait for it… Care 2: The Petition Site, which I guess is a sequel to Care 1: Give Us Your Email For No Reason Site. As UnCov might say, Care 2’s got that fresh Web 2.0 look that screams, I got no business plan, and a steaming pile of fail.

So far, a whopping 58 people have signed the petition. I’m all for trying to pierce the BMOrg bubble in order to convince them of the lameness of their ways — and the insulting nature of the new theme. However, we need a lot more than this: maybe an entire website dedicated to this goal and a letter writing campaign.

Hopefully, someone with more time than myself will create something better and more effective. Hell I might even join in on the effort.

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