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Holiday Jam

Sep 13 2021

[![GITMO Gingerbread Terrorist]( "GITMO Gingerbread Terrorist")](
GITMO Gingerbread Terrorist by Colin Fahrion
Been a while since I posted here huh? Not since early October.

Well if you kept up with my twitter the past couple months have been a witness to all number of things that have kept me occupied. There was SF Decompression where I brought Balsa Man Decompression — quite a success actually with several mini-art projects made by all number of fabulous people. With it being the holidays there’s been the occasional last minute helping hand for NifNaks. During this time, I picked up a freelance project which paid for a brand new shiny Macbook (non-unibody 15″ 2.4Ghz Penryn series) — and not a moment too soon as my old machine’s dc-in board has gone faulty. Of course it wouldn’t be the Bay Area without a number of amazing events: Dicken’s Fair being most recent and our own Holiday Cookie Making party (which is where Mr. Gitmo here was conceived).

We’ve also gone out on a limb with our tree decorations this year. We have created a SciMas tree with all manner of specimen bulbs, molecule models, mathematical formula, and other fine examples of SCIENCE! I will post on the tree in more detail after we have successfully photo-documented it.

So anyway just wanted to share that I’m not dead and neither is this blog. And with that cheery note, Happy holidays!

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