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I’m back, sorta

Sep 13 2021

The Maker Faire is over, my finals are over, and is mostly up and running. I have been working fairly non-stop every day for several weeks, and last week I had at least two nights with only 2 hours of sleep. I’m still working full time and there is still stuff to do but life feels a whole lot more manageable now, and I should be able to get a full night’s rest most nights.

So yesterday night after my last final, I poured myself a gin and tonic, shutdown the responsibility part of my brain, and played the videogame Bully for several hours. It was great!

I won’t have another night like that for a while though since:

  • I need to clean up the mess I made while I was ignoring my life and organization (there’s a huge pile around my secretary at home)
  • Buzzed Bee is tomorrow
  • Amon Tobin is Fri
  • needs work put into it (especially with the enhanced traffic we are now getting)
  • Need to do end of month finances
  • and we should plan a bit more for our Anniversary trip to Hawaii.
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