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Sep 13 2021

After hearing the session on blogging at the NACHRI conference, I did some research into pediatric blogging. I found that there aren’t nearly the number of pediatric bloggers as there are neuroscience bloggers, but there are still some interesting sites out there:

Blogs targeted at patients

Blogs targeted at pediatricians or anyone who will listen

  • Pediatric Grand Rounds – the archive of past editions of the Pediatric Grand Rounds, a bi-weekly collection of the best posts pertaining to the health of children.
  • Blog, MD – a blog written by a third year fellow in a combined pediatric hematology/oncology and pediatric neuro-oncology program in the Northeast.
  • Consider the Evidence: Med/Peds Journal Roundup – a blog written by a 5th year medical student (aka intern) about recent interesting medical journal articles

It’s a fascinating assortment of blogs, and there are more out there. PediaCast/PediaScribe seems like it is definitely a great resource for parents. I like Dr Raley’s personal touch and how he uses it to reach out directly to the patients he serves. For doctors, the Pediatric Grand Rounds seems like the best resource for recent news and research related to pediatric care.

It would be an interesting endeavor to have a blog written by a member of our staff at the Fetal Treatment Center or the Bay Area Pediatric Surgeons. However, that requires a measure of focus and time in their already busy schedules, so I don’t know how realistic that is. As a result, my main interest here at UCSF is working to facilitate patient blogging. I have a lot of thoughts surrounding that topic, which I will leave for my next post.

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