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Responsive Design

Sep 13 2021

Haven’t updated this blog in a while. Most my blogging needs have been filled by twitter, and more recently my two tumblrs for random web finds and for my music blogging. That said, this blog is still a great place for more long-form thought and discussions on design and development.

Relately, I’ve been on a autodidatic learning binge lately with mobile first responsive design. I’m also currently developing a new front end framework and boilerplate for my webdev work that incorporates the new best practices of mobile responsive design and uses Less CSS (or SASS) as it’s basis. There are of course tons of frameworks out there but I find most are bogged down with unnecessary crud which is hell for page weight — an issue that has become important again in this mobile web era.

Over the next few months, I will likely be writing about and responsive design tips and tricks. Also, expect this site is going to get a huge overhaul soon.

I’ll leave you with this…

The best fix I have figured out for the annoying iOS zoom orientation bug:

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