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Revision to Gmail, IMAP, and iPhones Tutorial

Sep 13 2021

I’ve recently revised my Gmail, IMAP, and iPhones Tutorial. It was brought to my attention that there was an issue with MS Exchange which made emails sent using my set up read as if they were from: “Colin [my gmail addy]; on behalf of; Colin [my catcubed addy]”. So after screaming how much I hated Exchange, I figured out another solution (which is basically a slight revision of my first setup).

Change to outgoing server setup

Now instead of using gmail as the outgoing SMTP server, I am using my public facing email address SMTP server for outgoing. Also I have “Always BCC Myself” turned on so that sent email appears in gmail (mail sent back this way appears just like normal sent mail in gmail and is connected to conversation threads like normal ‚Äî gmail‚Äôs magic that way). I also added a brief benefits section, added notes on optional configurations, and cleaned the tutorial up a little to make it easier to follow.

All these changes were made on the main Gmail, IMAP, and iPhones Tutorial post. As this is the main page being linked to and commented on by everyone, any future revisions will continue to be made on that page.

Tip Jar

If you are one of the wonderful people who added to the tip jar (located over in the right sidebar under my photo), I will email you noting this fix and will also notify of any future revisions to the tutorial page — think of it like getting free upgrades.

.Mac Issues

It should be noted that the .Mac issue has still not been resolved, and I haven’t had time to look into it, so it is not recommended to use .Mac for your IMAP at this time.

Stage Left…

OK that’s it for me! I’m signing out for a couple weeks for the big dumb dusty blinky campout!

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