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Sour MUNI face

Sep 13 2021

[![](]( "photo sharing") [Sour MUNI face]( Originally uploaded by [catcubed](
MUNI was late by 15min as per norm. I got to the airport on time still but ended up being the second to last in line. The last guy in line was also playing with his iphone — i wonder what the correlation is between iphone users and tardiness.

I’m packed light which helped as I didn’t need to check any bags. No need for my laptop now that I have my iPhone. Converted a movie to iPhone format for the plane flight — wish i had time to put another movie on it though. Also organized a couple slideshows which are on both the iPhone and on a separate thumb drive for use on any computer. For music I have my iPhone with my recent favs, plus my 3G iPod with the bulk of my collection (though the battery is on it weaker than anorexic stranded on a desert isle), plus my shuffle for times when I want to save battery life on the former devices.

Mmmm gadgets. They make air travel bareable.

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