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Tailoring the Wax

Sep 13 2021

As I tweeted ages ago, even though we are the age of the mp3 there is no reason for bands to produce subpar album art. Case in point, the cover art to Wax Tailor’s latest album “In the Mood for Life” looks like they gave a 6th grader a bunch of random images and fonts and set him in front of a bondi blue iMac with Photoshop 6.

Original cover art for Wax Tailor's In the Mood for Life which is a mess of bad photoshop and wanton thoughtless typography

Really as much as I love the album—and it is a damned good album—I couldn’t let this abomination of fonts and filters be seen in my iTunes coverflow. Thus, I went and made my own alternative cover art as I promised in the previously mentioned tweet. I didn’t have to do much work since Wax Tailor already had a much better recent illustration out there to work from. All I did was pick a font—a single font—to used for the band/album name.

Wax Tailor - in the mood for life (alt cover)
I highly encourage everyone to buy the album but use the above cover art instead so as not to dirty their iTunes coverflow with bad photoshop.
All art is © Wax Tailor and has been modified without permission as a fan who likes his music but just hates the latest cover art.

MP3 clip provided by Amazon. If you buy the album by clicking on the link in the widget, I get a small referral bonus.

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