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Travel Hatinerary

Sep 13 2021

[![](]( "photo sharing") [Travel Hatinerary]( Originally uploaded by [catcubed](

I’m heading to PA/OH to see the fabulous Morley and my Grandparents.

Step one: public transit — my least favorite part. The MUNI bus was late by 15min (hence the sour look on my face in the photo). I’m now
on BART on my way to OAK which is going ok so far.

I’m packed light. Only a simple backpack and no laptop. Burning Man has taught me how to pack with the minimum of gear, but it took a bit of digital prep work to not bring the laptop.

I had slideshows I wanted to bring, music, and videos. I kicked together a couple slideshows to show the grandfolks and put them both on my iphone and on a flash drive. Music housed several places: shuffle for simple tunes and long battery life, iPhone for all my current favs, and my old iPod 3G 40gig for hauling the rest and storage. I rearranged a bunch of my music on it, adding a bunch of new stuff I’ve gotten recently but have yet to fully listen to. Unfortunately, the battery in my 3G dies faster than an anorexic on a desert isle, but it’s good for when I can plug in. I powered it up last night, and I’m curious how long it’ll last.
I also converted my DVD of The Decent to iPhone format and loaded it on, so I have something to watch on the plane. Wish I had time to convert another movie — oh well.

K time to get off BART!

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