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Sep 13 2021

TUAW has posted about the iPhone/Gmail/IMAP email hybrid setup tutorial I created. And now the internet horde has come making my earlier site stats look laughable.

As all you new here may notice, I commit the number one sin of blogging by not focusing on any one topic. My interests are eclectic ranging from web design, neuroscience and psychology, online health care, art, cultural commentary, politics, and the artist freak scene here in San Francisco. If I had all the time in the world, I could probably produce enough content to support a blog about each of these topics.

Instead of spreading myself thin and risking blog abandonment, I write this one single blog and write detailed and researched posts about whatever is motivating me at the moment. Some of my favorite and well received posts include:

I hope you find the iPhone email tutorial useful. I don’t run ads here or have a donation buttonBy request of one of my visitors, I’ve now added a PayPal Tip Jar to my blog over in the right hand sidebar under my photo. It did take me a bit of effort to figure all this out and write it up. And I’ve been busier then I expected answering everyone’s questions, so if you find this useful toss a couple bucks in so I can buy myself a drink or something!

p.s. You can also say thanks by sashaying over to my partner’s site, NifNaks, and checking out her adorable handmade wool dreads, wool critters, accessories — my favorite being the Flying Spaghetti Monster pin. Both her and I have poured a lot of time and love into NifNaks and would appreciate the company over there as well.

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