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What’s Your Answer?

Sep 13 2021

Come out tonight and join us for What’s Your Answer?!!

From the same people who’ve chosen to accept the BLAME (and some limited legal responsibility) for such FAMOUS travesties as URBAN Golf, The BUZZED BEE, The $25,000 Pyramid Scheme, and Crackhouses For Humanity comes the most COMPELLING underground entertainment EVENT of the first part of this week:

WHAT’S YOUR ANSWER?” – the Pub Quiz night where the most humorous answer wins!

At “What’s Your Answer?” we don’t care how many obscure historical facts you’ve memorized, or which team has kept up to date on the latest dirt about Britney Lohiltonhan, or who knows which rogue nation just now broke off all diplomatic ties with the U.S. and is threatening an imminent nuclear attack. Well, okay, we might care a little bit about that last one. But ONLY if your answer is funny.

That’s right. The answer that gets the most LAUGHS will also get the most points, as awarded by our panel of celebrity judges. At “What’s Your Answer?” there’s NO NEED to actually KNOW ANYTHING, just so long as you and your team can crack wise. Or crack stupid. We really DON’T care. But at the end of the night, the team with the most points will win some fabulously crass PRIZES, and bragging rights (or “street cred”) redeemable within a laughably small and hopelessly ESOTERIC local sub-culture!!!

This NOT-TO-BE-MISSED show will DEBUT at 9pm on MONDAY the 26th at renowned Mission Street hotspot 12 GALAXIES.

$5 dollars admission, no one turned away for lack of funds, taste, timing or tact.

More details at the “What’s Your Answer?” Web Experience

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