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Where’s a meteor when you need one?

Sep 13 2021

Internet Explorer 7 came upon the scene with uproar for us web developers. Oh Nooz! What will happen to our precious site designs!?!

Frankly however, it didn’t really effect many people as long as they designed for standards, avoided messy css hacks, and didn’t use Active X. Ok admittedly there were probably several web managers who had to overhaul their active x css hack-job of a site. Luckily, I was not one of them.

Instead, I was hoping that IE7 smash like a meteor wiping out almost all instances of crappy IE6. I so dearly wanted to never have to code for IE’s bugs ever again.

I watched my UCSF web stats and at first it seemed promising, but then it hit around 30% and has just stagnated there for the past 6 months. Firefox’s browser share is around 10-12% on and Safari around 3.5%. (on CatCubed Firefox use is around 68% and Safari 11%).

Ugh it seems like I’ll be stuck designing for IE6 for a quite a while.

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