Illustration of me


I'm an artist, designer (print/web/branding/XD/games), and front-of-the-full-stack-ish developer. My life is full of creative shenanigans. My friends are rad. (he/him)

Not much to show at the moment, as this site is currently being rebuilt. I've ripped all the content out of my old Wordpress site and am currently rebuilding it in Astro.

You can follow me on twitter @colinaut

You can follow me on mastodon

You can find my game design stuff at Mirth Peddlers.

This site used to have a portfolio of my web design, logo design, medical and technical illustration, and a cocktail list. I'm planning on adding the portfolio back once I have updated it. Also for postaerity the cocktail list will be there too though I don't make cocktails as much lately.

You can find my old dusty blog posts at Ye Old Blog. Probably not a lot relavent here as the last blog post I wrote was in 2015. Not sure if I will start blogging again here or not.