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28X airport express

Sep 13 2021

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Notice the smile? That’s what happens when the bus is on time and leaves on time and has nice padded seats. Granted the 28X is a airport express bus but still it’s quite nicer then my public transit experience in Oakland.

I’ve had a lovely trip so far and I’m glad I didn’t lug the laptop. The iPhone is quite fine. Must say it is rather odd being away with the whole twitter thing. I know the gist of everything my friends are doing back there on the west coast — and the gaps in my knowledge are more apperant because of it.

Morley and I fit a lot in to the past couple days. A little sightseeing and Italian food in the Strip District, line dancing to crazy gypsy music, drinks at an awesomely decorated club (what Noc Noc should look like), and a wonderful excursion through the autumn tinged countryside to fallingwater. I’ve come away with a excellent feel for Pittsburgh.

I’m writing this on the aforementioned bus on the way to the airport to pick up my rental.* Heading to Stubenville to see my grandparents.

*note thrifty’s website is clean and functional and works really well on the iPhone even over Edge. Dollar’s on the otherhand is unusuable on the iPhone.

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