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A Gorey Begin

Sep 13 2021

[![](]( "photo sharing") [A Gorey Begin]( Originally uploaded by [catcubed](
The Edward Gorey Ball last night was a fabulous! The inclusion of exhibits and booths really added a lot to the night. The level of creativity and style present was inspiring — especially JD’s amazing crosshatch scope tree. I feel privileged to have such awesome creative friends!

I was looking forward to the ball for the fashion eye candy and the chance to see my friends dressed to the nines, and I certainly got that. However, I was happily surprised to find myself engaged in several deep and meaningful conversations throughout the night. It’s really a rare thing to have conversations beyond the simple “Hi you look lovely” at events like that. I wasn’t alone in this assessment either as SFSlim and Nifer also mentioned that they had the same experience.

Really a fabulous time over all!

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