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AJAX $&!% that is the core technology of the Web 2.0 failure-farm

Sep 13 2021

How to profit with Web 2.0I gotta give props to UnCov which has to be the best new thing to hit the web 2.0 bloggeratti since… oh I don’t know since maybe this or maybe this or how about this?

Actually UnCov is better than all those since it’s actually funny in a regularly updating way. Just go read their latest review of the new web 2.0 startup Graphica:

According to TechCrunch Graphita is a new web service that lets you put icons and shit on your pictures. Talk about innovative. They’re not taking open signups now, so we’ll have to just take TC’s word for it. Of course, they softballed the review, so I’ll just talk trash on Graphita that’s completely ubsubstantiated by real experience. By the way: it’s not even worth your time to read TechCrunch’s review. I don’t know about you guys, but every time I read a TechCrunch article, I get an itch on the roof of my mouth that can only be scratched by the icy cold steel of a gun barrel.

Read the whole shebang…Graphita: Now Taking Bets

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