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Balsa Man Decompression!

Sep 13 2021

Balsa Man Build - cutting the rings

That’s right folks! There will be a Balsa Man Decompression for all of you who didn’t get enough tiny art at our inaugural Balsa Man event this past August. Even better Balsa Man Decompression will be held in the middle of Burning Man SF Decompression this Sunday, Oct 12th from noon till 10pm.

We will be decompressing by hosting the Balsa Man Tiny Art Station complete with blasa wood, blades, and glue. If you have your own supplies and tools please bring them too! Due to fire restrictions, there will be no tiny art burn at SF Decompression, but participants are encouraged to have to bring their tiny art home for their own personal burn parties.

The Tiny Art Station is also a skills training workshop for people interested in making their own diminutive masterpiece for next year’s Balsa Man 2009 “Big Dreams Writ Small!”

Hope to see you there!

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