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Sep 13 2021

Ah phrenology! Those were the days. No MRIs just gut instincts and load of bad ideas. You’d think that understanding the Philosophy of Mind would take tons of laborious reading. Of course, there’s always just wikipedia, but some people don’t learn well through printed text alone, and then there are those who just have an aversion to reading in general. If you fit into that last category, you’ve probably already scampered off to the wilds of YouTube.

For those fateful few readers with attention spans longer than a hyperactive three year old, I present a fine assortment of online videos and audio related to philosophy of mind. Wait don’t run away! It’s actually interesting I promise and actually funny too!

The Promised Video Links
As an introduction to the topic on the mind-body problem watch the fabulous short film “They’re Made Out of Meat” (via YouTube)

Starting with the most assessable, the intelligent and hilarious video blogger Ze Frank, “thinking so you don’t have to”:

  • Melancholy – freewill and the illusion of conscious control
  • How to Make a Lasanga – evolution of consciousness and theory of mind
  • Study Then Sleep – consciousness, subconsciousness, and memory
  • Ginkoviagra – not quite on topic but related: will playing memory games enhance your memory?

For those with a slightly longer attention span who just want audio, I highly suggest the Australian radio show All In The Mind:

And I’ll leave those boring old text-only links for another post.

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