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CatCubed QA

Sep 13 2021

So I’ve done a bit of cross-browser testing for my new CatCubed design:

  • Safari, Chrome (i.e., Webkit): works perfect
  • iPhone Mobile Safari (i.e., Webkit): works but any fixed attachment is ignored (this is due to how the iphone browser works)
  • Firefox, Camino (i.e., Gecko): works except for multiple background images
  • Internet Explorer 8: Works (after a small fix) but is ugly due to lack of CSS3 support
  • Internet Explorer 7: fails dramatically because of IE float bugs
  • Internet Explorer 6: fails dramatically because of IE float bugs and lack of CSS2 support
  • Opera 10: fails somewhat due to a bug in how Opera handles floats. Also is ugly due to lack of CSS3 support

Also, thanks to Jason I found (and fixed) a bug that only occured on large monitors (24″ or more).

As I mentioned, I added a small fix for IE so it’s readable, but I’m not bothering to fix the IE6 or IE7 massive failsand I added a very basic stylesheet for IE6/7 so they could at least read the content. Also, I added a “why don’t you try another browser” warning to the site for IE users.

Just thought I’d mention that this redesign is meant as a means for me to experiment with new techniques and do so quickly, which is why I am no longer fully supporting IE with this site. There are workarounds for many of the techniques that I am using on this site, but it would take me at least twice as long to implement. All my real work projects will continue to be built with a graceful degradation / progressive enhancement process in mind.

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