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CeeBox is now a jquery plugin

Sep 13 2021

CeeBox is now a full fledged jQuery plugin. I’m pretty proud as this is the first full fledged jquery plugin I’ve ever coded.

You can download it directly from github: Ceebox 1.4Make that CeeBox 1.4.1 (I found a small error in the minimized css file and then decided to reorganize the css file a bit to make it easier to change graphics)

Make that

If you are running CeeBox 1.3.4 and it makes you happy feel free to skip this upgrade. There is no additional functionality (though it is slightly more usable as a jquery plugin). I did however do a bit more code optimization reducing the size of the minimized version to 8.4KB which is smaller than a majority of the lightbox-like plugins out there—it’s even slightly smaller than Thickbox which this was originally inspired from.

Screenshot of it in operation (Note the next button which is the right side of the image is rolled over):


I am also working on making a WordPress plugin out of this. Actually I did create a basic CeeBox wordpress plugin already but it is not ready for release.

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