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CeeTip – basic tool tip

Sep 13 2021

Small Fix for IE. CeeTip v1.0.1

Announcing without much fanfare CeeTip, a basic jquery tooltip plugin which works smoothly with CeeBox (v2.0.9 and higher).

I couldn’t find one I wanted* which also worked properly with CeeBox**, so I borrowed code from vTip, turned into a jquery plugin and modified it as follows:

  • moved all the css to the javascript (it’s so minimal that it seemed silly to have another css file.)
  • added some optional settings.
  • added a minimized version (only 1.6KB).

DownloadCeeTip 1.0.1

You can also findCeeTip on Github

* the problem I was having finding a tooltip is that several were either ugly or their file size was way too big.

** Other tooltips can work as long as they either somehow keep the title tag intact or they store the title in linkelement.t on the link in question.

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