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Code Monkey call to arms!!! Twitter voting tracker

Sep 13 2021

Somebody with more programming chops and time than I have needs to create a real time twitter voting tracker!

Bryan Person smartly set up a ivoted twitter account. You don’t have to add him just twitter @ivoted (adding who you voted for is optional) and he’ll get the replies. Sadly he didn’t take it that one extra genius step and create a graphing tracker.

Ideally this graphing tracker would show @ivoted replies (and maybe “I voted” search totals) charted by time and with candidate totals for ivoted posts that mention a candidate.

Until some code monkey warrior takes up this challenge, you can watch the replies yourself in real time using a tweetscan search for ivoted or a tweetscan search for “i voted”.

Also Bryan has mentioned that he will publish the results on his blog, The Bryper Blog.

p.s. I also highly recommend Politweets, the well designed political twitter aggregator.

p.p.s. You can follow the actual results along with watch twitter feeds via the Google Super Tuesday Map or add the election results gadget to your blog, or read up on the news at Google’s Elections section. (tip thanks to Laughing Squid)

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