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Compare & Contrast: iPad ad vs Slate ad

Sep 13 2021

Compare Apple’s slick new iPad ad…


with the new HP Slate ad (warning: blaring techno)…


Seriously HP, Could you make the fingers and interface look even more fake? Even the blipvert editing, lens flares, and pounding retro techno can’t cover up this post-production hack job. I mean I know Apple’s ad has some weird rotoscope moments—physically impossible zero-friction lap spin—but theirs at least seem deliberate choices for effect. Yours on the other hand seems like it was done by somebody’s cousin who just downloaded a pirated copy of After Effects.

And while we are at it, who is your target market here? Ya got a bit of a confusion going on here blaring old 90’s techno and user searching for modern indie rock. Though since the person using this device seems to need to search wikipedia to find out what “indie rock” is, maybe you are targeting people who are completely ignorant of music? Or maybe you are just targeting people who had horrible thumb surgery accidents as children?… that would explain the Tim Burton-ish font choice at the end.

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