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Designers are never happy

Sep 13 2021

I still wasn’t quite happy with the design, so I changed it again. This time I’m using the 3 column version of the Fjords 01 by Peterandrej as my template. To personalize it, I added my favorite pic of me at Burning Man 2006 above the about column. It’s an infrared film shot of me taken by a fabulous photographer friend of mine Jacob Appelbaum.

With that photo as my guide, I used pic2color to get it’s color palette. These colors served as a basis for the new gradated quasi duotone of “Cows in the Mist.” Then I added the start of a bit of design flair with the transparent white polygon lines. The background pattern is courtesy of Squidfingers.

It’s bound to change some more. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and hate something else about it.

p.s. I’m posting this with the awesome Performancing Firefox extension which I highly recommend.

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