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Gold Panda “Lucky Shiner” (music review)

Sep 13 2021

Just a quick review of Gold Panda‘s new full length album “Lucky Shiner“…

“Lucky Shiner” straddles the line between moody downtempo and quiet-banger minimal techno with dash of glitchy idm thrown in here and there. Take the raw energy of Crystal Castles, minus the hipster irony and give it half a valium. Mix in a bit of Fuck Buttons repetitive marching drone, and then bring it up to a low boil using a minimal electronic stove top. While it’s simmering add a bit of spicing using Blockhead’s ethnic funk and contrast that with a dash of Autechre’s sheared beats. Finally bake it using Lemon Jelly’s infectious positive energy.

I love it you may not. I suggest you buy it direct from Ghostly International as you get an extra bonus track from them

Same Dream China by Gold Panda

You by Gold Panda

Snow And Taxis from Gold Panda on Vimeo.

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