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Google adds IMAP to gmail

Sep 13 2021

Looks like Google has finally added IMAP support to gmail. Found out today via Gruber’s twitter and then noticed that Slashdot just noted it today.

This sorta makes my whole gmail/IMAP/iPhone instructions obsolete except for the whole using gmail as an archive thing. If you use gmail’s IMAP directly (rather then a routed approach like mine) you still have the problem of it downloading all your messages.

As such, I’m not currently planning on switching over to this from my own system. Another issue is that I wouldn’t be able just read/respond/delete as I have been doing, since I’d be deleting off of what is now my main archive. Actually reading this it looks like delete just acts like archive unless a mail is spam or in trash. Also you’d still need to send out through your other account if you wanted to use a different header email, since Exchange doesn’t like emails sent through gmai with a different header.

However, this does open up the possibility of using a different gmail account as the iphone IMAP pool for people who were hunting for an IMAP account but still like my system.

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