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iPhone Most Wanted: 2 Years Later

Sep 13 2021

Over two years ago I posted a write up on all the features I’d love to have on my iPhone. Since the release of iOS4 it seems time to revisit that list and see what has been scratched off my list and what hasn’t

Features I Asked For and Got

  • Copy & Paste
  • iChat – 3rd parties have filled this role and now with multitasking chat works. There is also Facetime. Though I’m still surprised there isn’t an actual iChat client.
  • Video camera – had to buy a new iPhone to get it but that’s alright as I also got video editing which completely surprised me.
  • Horizontal keyboard anywhere
  • Search Functionality
  • vcard sending
  • Save photo you get via email into your photos
  • iCal event web sync
  • Safari should have a larger cache – sorta solved as the new iPhone has more RAM.

Features that are still missing that I still want

  • Airtunes support – I still wanna play my iphone tunes directly to my Airport Express
  • wifi sync – at least for contacts and calendar
  • Taking a photo for assigning to a contact should also place that picture in your photo roll.
  • Email map routes to others. This should include the text list and a link to a google map.
  • Network Printing – There are 3rd party apps for this but it should be built in to the OS.
  • Clicking on the upper-left edge/wifi icon should bring you to the wifi settings screen – there are several times I’d like to easily turn off wifi so that it doesn’t ask me to join a network.
  • One The Go favorites photoset – make this work just like a music on the go playlist (which by the way I love the iphone’s on the go playlist functionality!
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