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iPhone Most Wanted

Sep 13 2021

With the latest iphone update (1.1.4) offering nothing more than bug fixes, I thought I’d get around to posting my list of iphone most wanted. Many of these have been stated before, but a few I haven’t heard anyone mention.

Been said before, gonna say it again

  • Copy & Paste
  • Airtunes support – I wanna play my iphone tunes directly to my Airport Express
  • Video capture support via the camera
  • iChat – Though I don’t know how much I’d use it as I’m not as much of an AIM junkie as I used to be, but it’d be nice to have. Bonjour ichat with other local network iphones would be kinda cool too.
  • Horizontal keyboard anywhere – would be great to have this for Notes, SMS, email, etc. And while your at it squish this keyboard vertically a bit more to give one more line of text visible.
  • Search functionality – for email and a global spotlight which searches sms, email, notes, etc.
  • vcard sending – I should be able to send my contact info as a vcard via email or even maybe bluetooth.
  • wifi sync – at least for contacts and calendar
  • Taking a photo for assigning to a contact should also place that picture in your photo roll.
  • Email map routes to others. This should include the text list and a link to a google map.
  • Save photo you get via email into your photos

Few new ideas that I haven’t heard elsewhere

  • Network Printing – I’d love to print the occasional email or map directions via my networked printer.
  • Clicking on the upper-left edge/wifi icon should bring you to the wifi settings screen – there are several times I’d like to easily turn off wifi so that it doesn’t ask me to join a network.
  • Safari should have a larger (adjustable) cache – I hate when I load a new tab and then find out that all my other tabs are now blank. Also it should remember the previous pages info better. Come on I have over a gig free still use it!
  • When zoomed all the way out on a web page a horizontal swipe should move to the next/prev tab – Since photos does this I keep expecting safari to do this.
  • One The Go favorites photoset – make this work just like a music on the go playlist (which by the way I love the iphone’s on the go playlist functionality!)
  • iCal event subscriptions should update directly from your iphone via the web – as it is I have to sync to my computer to get new subscribed events, which is dumb.

Things I don’t really need

  • MMS – Don’t care. Sending my photos via email is more useful.

Third party apps I can’t wait for (come on release the SDK!)

  • Twitter client
  • Real Notes/Word-like app – ideally it would allow use of MarkDown formatting and have post to blog functionality
  • To do app
  • better calculator with “paper tape”
  • better weather app – I want an hourly (or at least morn/afternoon/evening) forecast and the ability to see what the weather was like yesterday (great for comparison)
  • RSS reader which downloads feeds so I can read offline
  • a game. Hell almost any game will do. Though I am particularly interested in an iphone version of DopeWars. I can remember the stupid amount I played that on my Palm back in the day.
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