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More freaky beats from Cape Town, South Africa

Sep 13 2021

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Those Cape Town, South Africa, electronic musicians are freak’n weird I tell ya‚Äîweird in an awesome way but still weird. If you don’t believe me watch the above video for “Fred is Dead” by the [Tone Deaf Junkies](

I haven’t really heard of the Tone Deaf Junkies until recently. The Cape Town music scene itself is pretty amazing: from Sibot to Watkin Tudor Jones to Markus Wormstorm, a lot of awesome music comes out of Cape Town and much of it is on heavy rotation on my ipod. The Tone Deaf Junky track “Fred is Dead is interesting because it’s a track used as in the soundtrack for a scifi novel set in Cape Town called Moxyland. That’s right I said a soundtrack for a book. If you buy it in ebook format the soundtrack (featuring all Cape Town musicians) is embedded which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I haven’t gotten the book myself yet but it’s on my wishlist. You can also get the Moxyland soundtrack separately if that’s your thing.

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