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Musical “That Makes Me Think Of”

Sep 13 2021

Thanks to the internet (namely YouTube) and our household varied massive music libraries, myself and @maledictive were able to play an impromptu game of musical “That Makes Me Think Of” while engaged in a NifNaks felting extravaganza In order of play and marked by who played which song (myself|maledictive) here’s our evening’s set list.

Prior to the impromptu start of our game, maledictive was on an 80’s Jock Rock kick (I don’t know ask her) which led to the first song of our game…

  1. Cypress Hill “Insane in the Membrane”
  2. Cypress Hill feat. Fugees “Boom Biddy Bye Bye”
  3. Cypress Hill “Illusions (remix)”
  4. Dr Dre
  5. Outkast – “Atliens”
  6. Dr Octagon “Halfsharkalligatorhalfman”
  7. Lord of the Rhymes
  8. The Gothsicles “Hey I Got That Font”
  9. Screamin Jay Hawkins “I Put a Spell On You”
  10. Screamin Jay Hawkins “Constipation Blues”
  11. Nick Cave “Mack The Knife”
  12. Cab Calloway “Minnie the Muncher”
  13. Oingo Boingo “Minnie the Muncher”(from the Forbidden Zone)
  14. Max Reebe “Sex Bomb”
  15. Max Reebe “Mambo No. 5”
  16. Max Reebe “Tainted Love”
  17. Coil “Tainted Love”
  18. Coil “Who By Fire”

Hope you enjoy the odd set that resulted. Anyway, it’s a fun game which I highly recommend.

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