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Sep 13 2021

I’ve been using Posterous for a bit now and I really like it. Though I do hope they make an upgrade to the bookmarklet so that tags are easier to include when posting ‚Äî their current solution for this is rather kludgey.

Posterous is interesting as I’ve also learned how I use it, which is different than how I use my other means of sharing things I have found on the world wild web:

  • My Delicious links I use primarily for myself. As I use multiple computers it’s a means to store all the links I may want to keep in a easy to search place that is independent of any machine. Basically, I add links to delicious with little care if anyone else finds them interesting.
  • My Google Reader shared items is basically just for sharing nifty blog reads with others, and I only use it while reading things in Google Reader. I mean I guess I could use the Note in Reader bookmarklet to share items while websurfing, but for some reason it doesn’t seem like the right use.
  • So now I’m also using posterous which you can see at Which I’ve found is perfect for grabbing little random web snippets that I find here and there; namely, pictures and video I want to share.

Posterous is also nice as it allows you to autopost back to your blog or twitter or facebook or whereever — though as I hate the idea of posting everything everywhere, I wish the bookmarklet had more fine-grained control over this.

I’ve found through use of posterous that I don’t use it really often so I’ve decided to let it autopost to my Catcubed blog; this way they will find their way into my rss stream which I want. However, at the same time as I don’t want the front page of CatCubed to be cluttered with random shared links, so I’ve set up¬†I’ve set up wordpress using the Advanced Category Excluder plugin to exclude all uncategorized posts from the front page. This seems like the easiest solution as all I need to do is add a category as a tag and it’ll no longer be uncategorized and thus will showup on the front page.

Anyway, I bet you don’t care about any of this, but I find it useful to write about my process.

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