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NifNaks rev 3 – Grand Reopening

Sep 13 2021

Been a bit dry here lately as I’ve been busy busy revamping NifNaks. My revision 2 design was cute but the navigation just wasn’t flexible enough. Also I had been struggling with a couple of issues with CubeCart, my ecommerce engine, for a while.

So I decided to take a leap and try revamping the entire backend with Joomla/Virtuemart. Thankfully this leap paid off in spades. It was still a lot of work, with a couple late late nights, but it all pulled together faster than I thought, and I gotta say I like the admin of Joomla way better than CubeCart. There were a couple struggles getting the credit card processing working and couple other things, but I got most of it fixed.

With just a little fanfare, I happily announce the…

Grand Reopening of!


It works, it’s got products, it accepts credit cards, and I’m happy with the design. Yay!

Still to do: transfer over all the old blog content and set up url redirects; help Nifer add more products; fix those little picayune things that still bother me aesthetically.

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