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P is for Prue trampled flat in a brawl

Sep 13 2021

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The Gorey Ball was amazing! — you may remember last year’s ball where [Nifer was brained by a stray urn]( Well for this year’s ball Nifer successfully lead a huge fabulous group costume in the form of the [Gashlycrumb Tinies](!

It was a rousing success! We had all the letters and some duplicates. Nifer stole the show floating around the ball as the iceberg girl Winnie — “W is for Winnie embeded in ice.” Myself, I had a lot of fun using boots as brushes for my costume “P is for Prue trampled flat in a bar.”

There were many more fabulous costumes that you can find in the Gashlycrumb Flickr Photo Pool.

The Gorey Ball was grand — and huge! Oh my how far it’s grown since it’s wee little days at the Cat Club!

It was in all an amazing night, but for me the highlight of the evening has to be dancing cheek to ice with Winnie!

*photo of Winnie by [marianme](*
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