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Rx Blogging (NACHRI wrapup part 2)

Sep 13 2021

As a medium, blogging lays somewhere between a newspaper article and Hamlet’s egocentric soliloquy. Over the past year or two, the wild interwebtube has become overrun blogs like some sort of bunny warren with burrows reaching to infinity. The variety of topics range from politics to cute puppys & kittens to science to “oh my gawd, you wouldn’t believe who I saw sally holding hands with!

With the popular explosion of blogging, it’s not surprising that corporations and institutions have began to take interest in the phenomenon. Everyone wants to get on the bandwagon, but few know how to use this new medium, which is why most corporate blogs are just thinly disguised press releases.

Akron Children’s Foray Into Blogging

The medical industry has only just begun to experiment with blogging. At the NACHRI Conference, the Akron Children’s Hospital presented their two blogging experiments. Their first foray into blogging followed Ellen Kempf, M.D., director of the Oak Adoptive Health Center, on her educational journey to a Chinese orphanage. Their second blogging project followed 11 year old Meghan Frantz as she traveled to Washington, D.C. to talk with members of Congress about the challenges imposed on her younger brother Zack because he has cerebral palsy.

These projects were crafted to gain media attention for Akron Children’s and support political health advocacy efforts. Meghan’s blog was the most interesting, as it was a younger blogger and it was so targeted. It wasn’t an easy project: while Meghan wrote all the content she needed a lot of hand-holding for uploading the content and photos; also, the family required a lot of help traveling with Zack.

Blogging doesn’t always have to require so much extra support. In fact, the medium usually prides itself for being something anyone can do with a minimum of fuss. I still think their approach was good, but I was curious as to what else was out there. I did some research into other examples of pediatric blogging which I will detail in my next post.

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