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The Great App Hunt Continues…

Sep 13 2021

So I’m still trying to figure out which app combo works best for efficient blogging on the mac. Now that Nifer is on a new macbook, she needs something easy and efficent to use for blogging. I was looking at Ecto, which is pretty nice. However, now I’ve got my eye on just using the Flock browser with the wordpress new post page as the home url.

From my brief trial run this morning, Ecto seemed really nice and easy (once I fixed it to work with wordpress 2.1 and got tags going). I also need to test it’s photo integration a bit more to see how seemless it is.

I originally wasn’t thinking about using Flock since it is more a browser than a dedicated blogging app, but it might be a good choice anyway. It’s built-in blogging module really sucks, but the flicker photo bar is fabulous and you can just drag and drop images into the wordpress post interface (like I did on this post). With this and the drag and drop web snippets bar, it’s a really nice blogging environment. Also there is an added benefit to working directly in the wp admin in that you can check comments, blogroll, and whatnot while you are at it. The disadvantage here is that you can’t work offline, it’s slower to save, if WP stumbles while saving (which it rarely but sometimes does) you’ve just lost your post.

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