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Sep 13 2021

So I’m moving over from my livejournal to a full fledged WP blog finally. used to house my basic freelance site with portfolio, which can still be seen here. I’m not actively seeking freelance at the moment, so I’m turning this domain into a blog.

Eventually, I’ll probably add back in my portfolio and other functionaly, but for now it’s just this borrowed theme and a basic WP install. As a result, visitors to this blog are bound to see a fair amount of flux as I experiment with the look and feel and functionality. However, don’t expect any drastic changes for a bit since most my limited freetime is going to massively overhauling the site. I’m adding store functionality and completely redesigning the look and feel. I’m hoping to have it done in the next week or two.

This is the actual first post; however, I may end up back populating this blog with some of my fav lj posts. Oh yeah, if anyone actually reads this and has a clue about enabling some sort way of crossposting with lj let me know.

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