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Too busy for words

Sep 13 2021

Sadly I haven’t been able to update Cat Cubed for a bit. I’ve been too busy with helping with all that is NifNaks, taxes, and financial hassles. UCSF has a server breach which potentially exposed all the payroll data for 46,000 employees‚Äîmyself among them.

I have a few longer posts simmering at the moment, but for now here’s a few links of interest:

Violence linked to price of beer- YouTube – Debunking myths about the “Third World” – From the TED talks. The animated visualizations are incredible and informative! Tufte would be proud.

Also I’ve been using Google Reader lately, and I added on my sidebar a dynamic feed the recent postings I find interesting. A more complete list can be read on my public Google Reader Shared Items page.

p.s. If you live in SF and aren’t going to the Yuri’s Night party at NASA’s Ames Research Center there is something wrong with you.

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