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Tweed Ride Comes Out of Mothballs

Sep 13 2021

In case you haven’t heard we are planning another Tweed Ride on March 27th in Berkeley. I am really pleased with the design for the flyer. It plays off my earlier flyer for the second SF Tweed Ride with some similar elements and uses the same typeface, but the balance of the layout is different as is the color palette. Designing the promotional material is one of the more fun aspects of these events that I put on. Of course, the most fun is the smiles I see on the faces of the participants!

The photo is of the J.D. as the fabulous Twettle, the Tweed Beetle by the excellent photographerjuicyrai.

East Bay Tweed Spring Ride, March 27th

East Bay Tweed Spring Ride

March 27th, 2 pm

2 pm — Sally forth from Ohlone Park (near North Berkeley Bart)

Midpoint — location TBA (games, contests, and a special performance)

End(5-6 pmish) — location TBA (libations)

Spring is the air and the rain has let up, so it’s time to dust off your smoking pipes and take your tweed out of mothballs! Put that dapper cap on your head, oil your chain, and get ready to pedal with panache!

Join us for the first SF Tweed Ride of 2010, this ride will take place in the lovely town of Berkeley, CA. The ride will be anywhere from 5-7 miles with a break midway through. We have plenty of enjoyment planned for you all including games, contests, and a special performance by the wondrous Corpus Callosum! As always, the tweed ride will end at an establishment that offers libations and cheer.

Photo of the J.D. as the fabulous Twettle, the Tweed Beetle by the excellent photographer juicyrai

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